Arriva Denmark uses electronic invoicing and all invoices must therefore be sent electronically to Arriva.

Suppliers that do not have their own systems for electronic invoicing can get assistance from Sproom. The system is free of charge and invoices can be typed or uploaded.

Sproom can also be integrated into the company’s own ERP system if the system is already able to generate electronic invoices. It is easily done and only takes a few minutes.

You can find more information and get started at

All invoices must include the right GLN or EAN number (as shown below) and the order number supplied by Arriva.


All invoices must be sent in the OIOUBL or SVEFAK format.


Danish companies

Arriva Danmark A/S GLN/EAN 5790002188978 – CVR 18429101

DB Vertrieb GmbH c/o Arriva Danmark GLN/EAN 5790002188978 – CVR 18429101

Arriva Tog A/S GLN/EAN 5790002188923 – CVR 12245904

Busdan 32.1 A/S GLN/EAN 5790002188916 – CVR 12885075

UCplus A/S GLN/EAN 5790002195532 – CVR 21620378

Swedish companies

Arriva Sverige AB GLN/EAN 5790002188947 – CVR SE5563519437

Arriva Tåg AB GLN/EAN 5790002188954 – CVR SE5566917471

Arriva Östgötapendeln AB GLN/EAN 5790002188930 – CVR SE5566286547

Botnia Tåg AB GLN/EAN 5790002188961 – CVR SE5568011828